We’re the ad agency you didn’t think existed.

The AD part you know.  For us it’s the “VERTISING” – Everybody does the ad part. There’s lots of agencies that create and place ads for their clients. But they don’t always become teammates. We don’t cut corners or inflate fees. That’s not us. We partner. We find solutions. We join your team. We help you stand out. We get excited about your business. We design and produce in-house. We save you time and money.

What the Heck is an "Eleven Twenty-Three?"

Eleven Twenty-Three is a strategic creative and media planning company. We’re efficient, personable and practical. Taking it back to basics, advertising is simple. We need to come up with good creative that attracts the right customer, engaging them with your brand to create sales. Unfortunately, the world we live in is not as simple. It’s not just TV and newspaper anymore. Today’s advertising is segmented and takes a professional team to navigate the gauntlet of options out there; DVRs, mobile, second-screen viewers, it’s crazy.

Did you ever think of how many times a potential customer needs to see or hear your message before they take action? Where and how should your logo appear in a TV spot? How long before the repetition of your brand name on mobile radio becomes tiresome to a listener?

We do. Along with a million other things that we tackle for our clients on a daily basis.

When it comes to advertising, we know changing directions isn’t always easy. The process can be strenuous and sometimes it’s easy to just keep doing what’s always been done. But is that the right thing to do? Does the same old approach get more sales; draw new customers in and engage them with your brand? It takes bravery to look at your brand and say, “No, it’s time to change it up.”

It’s no coincidence you’ve landed here. Eleven Twenty-Three is ready to help you be there at the right place, at the right time, to connect your brand to people’s lives.

How We Can Help

Can a full-service agency help your business make your advertisements more effective and help your business’ ROI? You should consider hiring an advertising agency to help with your ads if you’re faced with some of these situations:

  • Phone calls from media sales reps are taking up too much of your time.
  • You’re simply overwhelmed by the myriad details inherent in producing and placing your advertising leaving you with inconsistency when representing your brand.
  • Creating and placing your advertising on a regular basis has become a job in itself and you no longer have the time.
  • Your own creative efforts aren’t yielding the results you desire.
  • You don’t know whether you’re spending your advertising budget as wisely as you could be.
  • The book keeping process for media invoices has become too complicated and time consuming and you are finally ready to have help deciphering the secret code they are written in.
  • You’re eager to have creative professionals generate fresh, new ideas for your advertising.
  • You want to put a team of highly trained specialists to work, with the common goal of growing your business.
  • You’d welcome the media, creative and account service expertise an agency can provide.

Social Media

We strive to create a strategy that gives your brand a voice and presence on social media while connecting with and reaching specific demographics.

Organic Social Media Posts

In today’s ever-expanding environment of communication channels, it’s important to be strategic when integrating social media into your campaign. It’s an opportunity to connect and engage further with your customers on a personal level. Utilizing the real-time capabilities that come with social media is important for customer feedback and can help better evolve your brand based on consumer needs. Another benefit with social media integration includes uncovering potential influencers for the brand. These influencers emerge from natural interactions with the page(s) and become a frequent voice of reinforcement that can’t be scripted. 

 Although it appears social media could be a stand-alone and cost effective opportunity, it’s important to know it still needs to be coupled with a multi-tiered campaign to be most effective. The amount of weight that should go to social in a campaign strategy is dependent on your brand life cycle, target age segment and behavioral connections. We can help you navigate all your options and create the right campaign mix for your brand.

Paid Social Media

Paid social media advertising also allows for similar engagement opportunities mentioned above, but also allow for geographical zoning and additional behavioral layers. Depending on whether your creative is dynamic, video or static, paid ads allow for new opportunities to reach outside of your current network. Now that we have studies supporting reach and frequency within certain social channels, it’s becoming easier to measure alongside traditional media.

Sure, We Do That.

Eleven Twenty-Three creates an experience that connects the consumer to your brand emotionally. A well-developed campaign creates a quicker response from the target audience, leading to faster return on investment. Here are some of the available services that can be utilized and beneficial when Eleven Twenty-Three is on your side:

On-Site Video Production

Video Post Production (Including Color-Correction & Effects)

Branding & Logo Development

Print Layout / Web Design

Traditional Media Planning (TV, Radio, Print & Outdoor)

Digital Media Strategies (Behavioral Targeting, Retargeting, Geo-Fencing)

Marketing Campaign Assessment

Post-Campaign Media Reconciliation

Spot Traffic Management

Social Media Management