Eleven Twenty-Three to Once Again Design Beer Fest 2016 Identity

For the second year in a row, Omaha Urban Events, the organization behind Omaha Restaurant Week and Omaha Beer Fest has chosen Eleven Twenty-Three to create the Identity and supporting materials for Omaha Beer Fest 2016.  The logo (pictured) is the first part of a multi-tiered design project that will give the event a fun, unique appearance. “Get Crafty” is the theme for this year’s festival and the logo redesign aesthetically encompasses the craft beer label look as its main inspiration. The word “craft” speaks a lot for itself, representing the time and skill it takes to create something special. […]

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It’s Coffee Time

You wake up, get yourself ready, get out the door and do your part to contribute to the rush hour traffic.  You still feel like you need a little jolt to start your day. Amidst the stop light conga line, you spot your favorite coffee shop. It’s not that far off the beaten path and you’re already in the right lane for a quick turn.  A thought strikes you, “I have time…” Then the clincher, the internal rationale seals it, “…Anyway, I need this today.” After a quick rundown of the ‘perfect order’ through the drive through speaker, you grab […]

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New Beginnings for Canfield’s

We’re pleased to announce that Eleven Twenty-Three is now agency of record for Canfield’s here in Omaha, NE.  For Canfield’s, 2014 has already been big. New ownership, a new look and brand image (to continue rolling out this year) as well as a new direction inside the store. The new brand message, “We Live Here, We Work Here, We Play Here,” accurately sums up the importance of a local connection, as well as covers the merchandise available for those with an outdoor interest, or all-weather job-site necessity. Since 1946, this locally-owned Omaha mainstay has always been a resource for all […]

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Media Buyers Save Your Company Time and Money

Businesses of all sizes can greatly benefit from working with a media buyer. Some of you may already be using one. The question that arises most frequently when approaching a new business is… “Won’t it cost me more to use someone like you?” In reality, it’s quite the opposite. Using a media buying agency not only allows a business to save significant amounts of money, it also allows you more time to stick to what matters: running your company. A media plan composed with the experience and efficiency of a seasoned media buyer can increase brand awareness and exposure. A Company Advocate Instead […]

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Al Denté Toffee is Happiness in a Bag

If you haven’t heard of our client, Al Denté Toffee, prepare to arrive at delicious town.  We just happen to have some samples floating around here (the half-manhandled bags pictured above), and needless to say, Monday just got a little better. The Holidays are coming up quickly…to order your bag of happiness, head over to Al Denté Toffee. We’d like to recommend these flavors:  ALL OF THEM. Seriously.

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