May 4, 2016

Eleven Twenty-Three to Once Again Design Beer Fest 2016 Identity

For the second year in a row, Omaha Urban Events, the organization behind Omaha Restaurant Week and Omaha Beer Fest has chosen Eleven Twenty-Three to create the Identity and supporting materials for Omaha Beer Fest 2016.  The logo (pictured) is the first part of a multi-tiered design project that will give the event a fun, unique appearance.

“Get Crafty” is the theme for this year’s festival and the logo redesign aesthetically encompasses the craft beer label look as its main inspiration. The word “craft” speaks a lot for itself, representing the time and skill it takes to create something special. Making a craft beer takes time, patience and just the right recipe. The 2016 logo visually reflects this detailed crafting process with its intricacy and detail awareness.

“This really is a fun one,” says Dave Distefano, Creative Director, “these festival events are always a design playground for us, and we are grateful to be able to follow up 2015’s look with an update that matches their theme so well.”

Look for more Omaha Beer Fest visuals in the coming months, and perhaps even get your tickets to attend here:

Or check out their Facebook page:

May 4, 2016