May 4, 2016

Media Buyers Save Your Company Time and Money

Businesses of all sizes can greatly benefit from working with a media buyer. Some of you may already be using one. The question that arises most frequently when approaching a new business is…

“Won’t it cost me more to use someone like you?”

In reality, it’s quite the opposite. Using a media buying agency not only allows a business to save significant amounts of money, it also allows you more time to stick to what matters: running your company. A media plan composed with the experience and efficiency of a seasoned media buyer can increase brand awareness and exposure.

A Company Advocate
Instead of paying for the ad space and doing all of the work that pertains to an advertising campaign, a media buyer does everything for you to ensure flawless execution of your campaign. This is priceless for companies of all sizes–more so for startups. The media buyer becomes the one and only contact rather than dealing with a multitude of phone calls from outside vendors. Research, contracting, production, billing and any post buy-analyses are taken care of for you.

Efficient Investment Planning
Not only will a business save money but hiring a media buyer also allows for a company’s budget to be spent broadly across varying media types and formats while not adding organizational strain in doing so. Because of a media buyer’s  expertise, substantial relationships and buying power with vendors, your media dollars will be spent as efficiently and intelligently as possible.

Working with an established media buyer allows for influence with time slots, space available and creative contract agreements. Media buyers have substantial buying power because they have formed working relationships with vendors over the course of many years. These relationships benefit clients by allowing a broader range of space for an advertisement to appear at the lowest possible rates. Furthermore, because a media buyer provides a large volume of clients for vendors, more flexible and more favorable contract agreements can be made.  For a media buyer the contract is just the beginning when executing the media plan. The follow-up during a campaign and post-analysis are also done to ensure the plan was executed properly.

Agency media buyers can be an essential addition in your advertising campaign. Understanding media placement strategies as well as developing creative strategies are two valuable aspects that are crucial in order to create the most frequency. If your organization is looking for the most cost-efficient way to organize and maximize their ad spend, without all the hassle of a million phone calls, more spreadsheets and busy work, then you might be ready to give us a call.  We do that.

May 4, 2016