May 4, 2016

It’s Coffee Time

You wake up, get yourself ready, get out the door and do your part to contribute to the rush hour traffic.  You still feel like you need a little jolt to start your day. Amidst the stop light conga line, you spot your favorite coffee shop. It’s not that far off the beaten path and you’re already in the right lane for a quick turn.  A thought strikes you,

“I have time…”

Then the clincher, the internal rationale seals it,

“…Anyway, I need this today.”

After a quick rundown of the ‘perfect order’ through the drive through speaker, you grab your favorite cup of roasted bean goodness and the flavor surrounds you.  You warm up from the inside out. It’s coffee time, baby. Now you’re ready.  Go get ‘em.

That moment plays out millions of times every morning across the country. It’s not just for mornings, either.  No, coffee time has been extended. No longer is it just a ‘get yourself going in the morning’ comfort necessity. With all the evolving flavors and seasonal choices it’s no wonder coffee has become the treat of choice. With the kind of customer demand that comes with such a product, it’s important to have a stand out brand for consistency in every cup.

Eleven Twenty-Three is proud to say we are ecstatic to have been selected to work with just the brand: Omaha’s own Scooter’s Coffee. Not only do all of us constantly crave this delicious local product, the Scooter’s organization is amazing from corporate office to customer interaction.  In fact, ‘Amazing’ is a key concept at Scooter’s.  It’s at the heart of everything they do. Their mantra? “Amazing Drinks, Amazing People, Amazingly Fast.” Pretty much on the nose.

Here at Eleven Twenty-Three, the same goes for production and media buying. For example, Scooter’s selected us to help them portray the passion of the brand, details of products and characteristics of each of their “Rockstaristas” (stand out baristas). Fueled by a few eggnog lattés we were up for the task. After weeks of planning meetings, scripting and preproduction with Cinematographer Craig Ladwig, we were ready to go. The finished product was a big hit at their franchise meeting and is on this very site in the ‘creative work’ section.

A second promotional push was going on over the 2013 Holiday season. Scooter’s put us to the test to create a stand out radio campaign to generate sales for holiday gift boxes, gift cards and revenue in general. The media buy was composed of multiple stations and a :30 spot featuring a little character we named ‘Humphrey.’  Humphrey and his savvy placement on the air helped boost Scooter’s sales in the 4th quarter during the Holidays.

Last but not least, Scooter’s, Eleven Twenty-Three and Lights On Nebraska teamed up and produced all of the necessary Scooter’s product shots for 2014.  Covering each shot, set and prop, the preproduction turned out a plan for 80+ stills to be used on print and point of sale pieces.  After a two-day shoot and some retouching, brand new, delicious-looking product stills are on their way out to the masses.  We’re positive patrons’ mouths will be watering for more amazing Scooter’s food and drink.

Us?  We were addicted to the stuff before we could even boast them as a client. We were able to turn our excitement for a great product into more customers and market share for Scooter’s.  We’ve done similar for the rest of our clients.  If you’re looking for the same in your advertising, look no further.

May 4, 2016