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Brand Concepting + Design

Among our many in-house creative services, we offer brand development and brand redesign. From creating brand stories to visual identities, we work with our clients to best understand the direction they want to take their business.


Research // Brand concepting  // Sketching // Mock ups // Additional branding component needs (business cards, stationary, Facebook graphics, hand-out pieces, brochures, etc)

Limitless Tile

and Stone - Brand

The two start-up partners for Limitless came to us in need of a modern branded look for there soon to be launched tile & stone business. A clean san serif font paired with an asymmetric visual of tiles creates a visually appealing balance in the design.


Lord of Hosts Church Sub-branding

Our partners at Lord of Hosts started working with our creative director as a freelancer 12 years ago. This partnership has grown over the years and we've been honored to design a variety of logos for them.


Athletic - Omaha Central Swimming

Our connection with the Omaha Central Swim Team presented us with the opportunity to create a fierce identity that portrays both athleticism and Central's iconic mascot, the bald eagle.


Em's Gems

Hand-Made Goods

Emily of Em's Gems is a local maker that needed a simple and unique logo to represent her brand and its story. She started her business making jewelry from natural stones and has expanded to creating a variety of rare, hand-made one-of-a-kind "gems".


Fancy Cheeks

Face Painting

A local face painter was in need of a quirky logo to represent her business. Combining free form typography with details referencing face painting, our client was happy with the final design.


Fun-Plex Attraction Branding

Our partners at Fun-Plex have reached out to us many times to design new attraction logos, as well as rebranding existing ones. To see more attraction designs, visit the Fun-Plex creative page here.

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