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First National Bank

Our partners at First National Bank reached out in need of video production for their social platforms as well as some infographic designs that coincide with their blog posts.


Starting in 2019, Eleven Twenty-Three teamed up with FNBO to write, produce and direct FNBO's Dollar Belles, a series of online tips videos for the bank's Cashology page. The idea was to have three female hosts, in various combinations per episode, telling visitors how they could be more financially savvy.

The first season of the Belles was 24 episodes plus a trailer (featured above), and ended up spinning off into a 'brother' show, the Dollar Bills. This time, two male hosts tackled similar subjects from new perspectives.


In 2020, when Covid shut down normal production, The Dollar Belles and our production team were able to shift and shoot home-created videos based on topics relevant to the pandemic. Our production team worked remote with the ladies to direct each segment. Then, we edited and released them.  Completely virtual production shoot. That's keeping on your toes, if we do say so ourselves!


Each time that the Dollar Belles or Dollar Bills release a segment, we see a spike of organic traffic each time and reach is growing across the platforms. The Belles are in their second season of episodes and the show is ever evolving!

Additional Videos

Infographic Designs

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