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For 2020-21, we produced, shot and edited a series of branding campaign video ads for Nebraska Furniture Mart (NFM).  


"Home," the store's latest branding campaign was NFM's first in quite some time, and it was an honor for us to help them create something that conveyed not just the great products they offer, but the settings and feeling that surrounds them. The motion ads feature a series of lifestyle clips, covering people of all races, genders, ages and  orientations, followed by salesfloor clips and shots from each of NFM's locations. The song, "House Becomes a Home," by Danika Portz, was a key element in bringing the message together. 


A key component of the shots involved these versions to be COVID conscious, so the in-store footage featured customers and associates observing social distancing and wearing masks. Behind the scenes, each member of the cast & crew also observed the same safety measures, proving that it IS possible to produce quality video on-location during a pandemic!


NFM still utilizes the high-quality store/branding B-roll from the campaign, along with the official brand song. The "Home" campaign found its way into other parts of NFM's marketing efforts, as we also created motion content for their property in Texas.

NFM Grandscape Motion Content (The Colony, TX)


In continuation with the "This is Home" branding, Eleven Twenty-Three was tasked with a unique and exciting project: create motion content for NFM's property in the Colony, Texas.  The sprawling open-air concept complex had several uniquely sized screens hovering over stores, restaurants, even over fountains.

Each animation created for the screens was to have a theme statement that connected back to a product silo within NFM's stores. The content also required the "Home" branding to be included as a consistent tie-in with the campaign of the same name.

Eleven Twenty-Three created six different animations that included product photography and lifestyle footage.  The color schemes were chosen based on NFM's primary and secondary brand colors.


The result was eye-catching animation on a large scale that carried NFM's presence wherever visitors roamed. 

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