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FREE Guide for Successful Email Marketing

Are you in the process of developing an email newsletter strategy to deploy? We would love to offer a little (free) help! Whether your e-newsletter will go out weekly, monthly, quarterly, or sporadically, we have formulated a strategy that can be successful in any service category. One of the questions we get most often is in regards to subject lines. What are best practices? We are glad you asked!

  • Personalization – Use merge tags to personalize the recipients name, location, or business. 

  • Be Descriptive – Be descriptive & direct rather than trendy. Communicate the benefits of your promotion or call attention to specific details. 

  • Keep It Short – No more than 9 words 

  • Show Personality – Topical emojis are eye catching and add personality, but limit it to one. 😊 

Interested in learning more? We recently built a strategy template for the Catholic Schools of the  Archdiocese of Omaha. They have given us permission to share it with you so you can apply it to your organization. Email to receive a (free) strategy packet! 

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