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New Normal For Shoot Days

As 2020 has shifted all aspect of personal and professional life, we at Eleven Twenty-Three have adapted to the changes in audience trends, placement, client interactions and creative.  One behind-the scenes way we have taken on the latter, is to incorporate proper precaution for our clients, crew and talent on shoot days. We in the Creative Department wanted to share how we are staying safe, considerate and responsible:

Every shoot, location or studio, requires all crew to be masked and to maintain physical distance in accordance with local guidelines, with no exceptions. Shoot day cast and crew are all screened for temperature and must sign a statement indicating they have not been in contact with anyone who has tested positive for COVID, nor are they feeling any symptoms at the time of the shoot. If they report to a producer that they are feeling ill, they aren’t allowed on set.

Make-up now involves the artist using sponges and utensils that are single use, one-and-done, with no more crowding of a makeup area. 

Talent is asked to remain masked on-set until a live take is ready to roll, and the distance between on-set talent is now adjusted to reduce proximity between each individual. 

B-roll scenes now incorporate ‘mask-on’ versions that show talent interacting indoors with their masks on. 

Craft service is now individually-packaged items—no more buffet-style eating or snacking.  Shoot day staff are also allowed the option to bring their own meal in lieu of ordering the wrapped items provided. Crew is encouraged to keep an individual water jug or bottle for themselves, which reduces the need for coolers of drink containers. 

Digital versions of production packets, scripts and documents are now the norm, versus the typical paper packet that may have been touched and moved around a set. 

Any higher-touched items (microphone, props, etc.) are disinfected and monitored to ensure things stay clean.  

Between shoots, our studio areas and equipment are also cleaned and disinfected in preparation for future use. 

We are dedicated to successful shoot days for cast and crew, and want you to enjoy the process when Eleven Twenty-Three oversees your production.  A successful advertising firm adapts, and that’s what we promise to do for all of our clients.  See you on shoot day! 

Author: Dave Distefano

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