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Omaha Catholic School Consortium Case Study

In February 2020, we launched a two-month digital awareness campaign for the Omaha Catholic School Consortium. We have some exciting result to share: Our media team optimized the campaign for reach while also attaining clicks to the dedicated landing page. Benchmark click thru rates for the education industry on social platforms usually average around .12% to .16%. Our campaign results? DOUBLE the industry benchmark!

The awareness also helped add 100 new followers within a two-month campaign period!

When we paired our campaign analytics with the Consortium's website analytics, we found the paid social ads were responsible for roughly 50% of all web traffic from mid-February to mid-April. 40% of users came directly from social platforms, indicating a 161.38% increase over the same period last year. Successful? Absolutely. Congrats to the Omaha Catholic School Consortium, and way to go Eleven Twenty-Three media team!

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