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Promoting the Tavern 180 Remodel

Have you been to Tavern 180? This summer our agencies team was tasked with introducing T180 Cafe, the newest dining space added to the Tavern 180 brand. With the newly remodeled space we wanted to showcase the updated look as well as showcase the new menu options. In the cafe you will find brunch 7 days a week which is amazing!

So what did we do?

Our team put together a photo shoot to showcase the cafe's newest menu items available for brunch. We also took pictures of the new space so customers could see how to enter the cafe and how the expansion looks in comparison to Tavern 180 (which serves lunch and dinner) We displayed a lot of color and a clean look. We wanted to make sure people could see the comfort of the environment and the enjoyable atmosphere. We utilized the pictures within organic social posting and deployed a paid media campaign.

Results: Success with a side of bottomless mimosas

Our reach was up significantly at the start of the paid campaign. Engagement for brunch posts were up from previous months as well. After the 4-week campaign we saw an increase of 743 likes to the Facebook page, 50,000 unique views to our ads and drove over 3,700 people to the new menu page. Weekend traffic to the location saw a significant increase as well.

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