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Re-Bath of Illinois - Case Study

Re-Bath is the nation’s largest bathroom remodeler. Our agency has had the pleasure of working with Re-Bath of Illinois for 2 years now. Our goal for 2020 was to continue to find quality customers looking for a bathroom remodel in the areas serviced by this franchisee. Our secondary goal was to help maintain an efficient return on ad spend. 


This year Re-Bath of Illinois celebrated their 20 year anniversary. We wanted to be able to utilize corporate creative, but tag with anniversary special offers. We also wanted to create custom digital pieces to use across station websites and social platforms. It was important for the messaging to display that Re-Bath is not a cover-up company. We wanted to continue to educate consumers and position the brand as the experts in the industry as well as the local market, and show they are capable of full custom remodels. In alignment with the creative message we needed to make sure our media plan had a multi-market approach to reach our desired service area at a high level frequency. Along with our traditional buy we added social media to this years plan to elevate our digital visibility. 

Effects of COVID

With the positioned plan and creative we needed to be flexible in the Spring months when home improvement was affected by COVID. We were quick to adjust media and add information to creative pieces and microsites to make sure we communicated with customers effectively during this time. We made smart adjustments to our media buys and created a re-launch plan to help gain momentum in the Summer.

Media Mix

Multi-Market TV

Social Media

Keyword – Digital 


With a lot of hard work from the Re-Bath team and the advertising campaign we are back on track and pacing ahead of last year. This was quite a task considering we lost roughly a month’s momentum. Through August we are seeing an increase in average sales +$1,200 over last year same period. Our marketing spend vs sales continues to decrease due to the increase in quality leads. Our Return on ad spend continues to increase meaning for every $1 spent in advertising they continue to earn more back in sales over the same period last year. With our inclusion of social media we’ve effectively been able to reduce the cost per click by nearly 70% helping us to maintain an above industry benchmark for engagement within the home improvement industry. Avg cost per click for home improvement is $2.93 we are at $0.85

Author: Shana Boyd

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