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Re-Bath Omaha is one of the top performing franchises in a network of over 120 markets. Nationally, brand is recognized as a leader in the bathroom remodeling category. Re-Bath Omaha boasts Best of Omaha for over for 7-years. Our agency, Eleven Twenty-Three, has had the privilege of working with the Omaha team since 2016. Each year we continue to help grow the brand by developing and negotiating successful media campaigns that educate customers of Re-Bath’s quality products and services. Objective: Our objective in 2021 was to continue to brand Re-Bath as the expert in the bathroom remodeling category through our strategic media plan while showing an increase in leads over 2019. Although 2020 showed an increase in sold jobs, being the brands best year yet, leads overall were hindered slightly during April 2020 due to COVID. Execution: Our media team went to work to produce a hand crafted media plan curated to elevate the tactics used the year prior. New media tactics were also introduced to the campaign in 2021 in hopes to capture new eyes and increase our opportunities for the brand to help customers with their bathroom projects. Research helped us determine which corporate provided creative messaging would fit best across the various tactics. Once research was completed our creative team filled the gap with brand standard approved creative needed for local messaging and added value opportunities provided by our station partners during our rigorous negotiations. Tactics Included

  • Television

  • Digital Banners

  • Paid Social Media, Facebook & Pinterest

  • Local Sporting Event Sponsorship – Storm Chasers

  • Connected TV

Cause Marketing

  • $10,000 bathroom remodel to Dave and Donna Diggs (in collaboration with MS Forward)

  • Agency contribution – pro-bono project management of marketing for this project along with video production testimonial from the Diggs.

Overall, our approach for 2021 media planning was to find opportunities that allowed us to increase impressions, GRP’s, overall reach and frequency over the previous year. We also needed to balance the use of media tactics that allowed for both long form storytelling of the brands offerings along with short form reminder opportunities. Using data obtained from 2019 media tracking, along with new information learned in 2020 regarding media consumption shifts, we were able to make smart deductions to help us reach our best probability for an increase in lead flow. Once we identified our media options, we began implementing the campaign within the approved budget. Through longstanding relationships with our media partners, we were able to receive lowest rates in premium placement along with meaningful added value.

Thoughts around the selected tactics Television was our primary tactic used to educate customers, reinforce the Re-Bath brand, and differentiate from competition. Connected TV was used as an extension of our Television campaign. We purchased large screen only and applied contextual targeting to this tactic in order to increase our overall share of voice and expand our TV presence to include those that may have cut the cord on traditional cable. Digital included longform storytelling options across social media as well as uniquely curated static imagery that resonated to our local customers here in Omaha. Using a mixture of video content provided by the corporate marketing team, imagery/copy provided by our team at the agency allowed us to A/B test activity and engagement across the ever-changing social climate in 2021. New for 2021 was our approach to geo targeting digital banners. Our media team identified specific areas to cover both Omaha as well as other cities across the extended Re-Bath Omaha footprint. This coverage area extended beyond the Omaha DMA and into external communities in Nebraska; Fremont, Elkhorn, Columbus, Springfield, West Point, Louisville and Glenwood, IA. The local baseball club, Omaha Storm Chasers worked with our agency to create a sponsorship that would help connect the brand to the community in a fun way. The sponsorship included on field games with patrons off the games, Video Screen and PA annct. messaging and a sponsored fireworks night that tied into our cause marketing with the team at MS Forward. Cause marketing has been weaved into each year and is important to the local team here in Omaha. Each year a recipient has been nominated by a local organization to receive a $10,000 - $15,000 bathroom remodel. Creative Strategy Our team worked alongside the corporate team to create a cohesive campaign. Corporate produced TV spots were used with a locally tagged phone number. Banner ads were created by our team with local positioning statements needed to maximize results of this tactic. Learning from the previous year we took a nimble approach and adjusted as we needed to optimize the creative messaging for the campaign. Having flexibility in messaging allowed us to stay on top of current trends specifically within social media. Our team worked closely with the Omaha Storm Chasers to create a fun standout on field game where participants would race to dress up in bathroom gear to win a branded radio for their shower. The logo was prominently displayed on the video screen during the game to reinforce the brand. Finally, we put finishing touches on various specialty opportunities such advertorials on WOWT, primetime line-up announcements on KETV and skycam sponsorship with KMTV. It was important for our team to create many touchpoints with both longform and shortform creative that was memorable and reinforced the overall brand message. Results: With an increase in metrics across all media tactics, the overall visibility of the brand campaign in 2021 did not go unnoticed. Our campaign boasted over 8 million digital impressions. With an increase in TV viewing consumption for our local market, we were able to see an increase in GRP’s and reach to our local coverage area vs the previous year. Unique sponsorship opportunities such as advertorials, skycam, primetime lineup and Storm Chasers added engagement opportunities that elevated the overall frequency in our brand recognition. We were proud to report a successful year as we reached our objective with an increase of 23% in leads over 2020 and 20% over 2019 (Pre-COVID). We also saw another record year for sales with an increase of over 27% from the previous year. Once again Re-Bath Omaha was awarded Best of Omaha within the bathroom remodeling category. The Omaha franchisee was recognized at the annual franchise conference for their exemplary work in 2021.

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