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The Art of Illustration

As a full service advertising agency, we have team of many talents. We'd like to take a moment to highlight our creative team and dissect the illustration process that goes into our creative projects, like the one show above for Creighton Men’s Basketball.

Starting a creative project typically begins with research, visual research that is! Our creative team searches for inspiration, whether it be from online, their surrounding environment or sometimes even from inside their head. They look for anything to inspire new creations, such as shapes, colors, patterns, aesthetic...while also considering brand consistency if that applies to the project.

Once they find inspiration and make a mood board, they start to create something original using the elements from their research. For illustrating, it simply begins with a sketch. This is like a skeleton. Then it's time to add details and colors. After internally refining any other details, they present the project to the client.

See the process below for the Scooter's Coffee Mascot creation.

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