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The Renaissance Festival of Nebraska 2019 Case Study

Updated: Aug 16, 2019

The year of our lord, two thousand and nineteen, marked another splendid and successful Renaissance Festival of Nebraska at the Bellevue Berry Farm! Kind villagers hither and yon turned out in great numbers, drawn by the mirth and merriment of food, performance and thrills. One can only assume the patrons vexed by another artfully crafted creative campaign–full of fantastic moving visions and hypnotic sounds. Roadside signage, complete with knights upon steeds, surrounded no doubt by the magic of faeries, greeted our eastward travelers. In addition, wielders of the mobile electronic device beheld banners and advertisements constructed of pixels. Those with attention fixed to television and radio broadcasts feasted their eyes or ears upon the wonderment of perfectly-placed spots.

Lastly, We shant be remiss and fail to humbly thank our benevolent maker for the agreeable mood of our skies during this fortnight of follies.


…In all, the Kingdom was the 6th time victorious in its’ efforts to put forth the good word of great celebration!

Huzzah and may it please our Royal court!

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Media Mix






Local Press Distribution

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How we tracked success

Year one we saw a little over 3,000 in attendance. Now in our 6th year of promoting the festival we were excited to boast 11,300 in attendance over the two weekends! Overall; we received press pick-up from our top local news partners with long form interview inclusions. Our online bloggers helped increase awareness and engagement year over year with over 84,000 impressions, 4,500 engagements and 1,300 clicks to the event website.

Author(s): Dave Distefano + Shana Boyd

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