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Tis The Season!

Seasonal campaigns provide our team the opportunity to show our strength in media planning. A campaign may be seasonal for many reasons. The product being sold is only available for a limited time. The service is only in demand a few weeks of the year. There is a one time event that spans over a few days. For these types of campaigns you get a short advertising window and it's imperative that you are reaching the right audience with a clear message.

Our team works on a local festival, Midwest Pirate Fest, which takes place one weekend in August. Strategic planning is always incredibly important, but when you are working on an event that is held just 2 days out of the entire year, precision is essential. Tactics, targeting and messaging MUST be on point.

We are proud to report, the 2022 Midwest Pirate Fest was a big hit! How did we do it?

  • Commercials on local television

  • A billboard in a highly visible space

  • Press distribution to news media partners

  • A standout creative campaign that got attention across the selected tactics

Do you have an event to promote? We're here to help!

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