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What's in a :30?

When determining your advertising message it’s important to consider the length of the message. This is an area we see many people cut corners, in order to save money, but in the end you are also missing out on an opportunity to expand upon your message to the consumer.

So what’s actually in a :30?

You have to consider leading with your brand name, especially in the case where you are a new business, or just new to advertising. Some great brands have been around a while, but when you are new to advertising the general public will need an introduction. Next up you want to consider all the things you have to offer your customer, and narrow it down to the top two you’d like them to learn about you. You really can’t be everything to everyone. If you try to be, your customer will not have a clear reason to connect with you. Once you get them in your door, or to your website, you can show off the other service categories or items you have to offer. When outlining your :30 message you should make sure to leave yourself enough room to breathe for the person voicing the spot. Trying to squeeze in too much doesn’t leave room for the person listening to catch everything you want them to hear. This could leave you with needing to cut two separated :30’s depending on how complex your message needs to be.

Our advice…keep it as simple as you can. People are pulled in a million directions, so even with a long form message, which is anything over a :15, you really need to get to the point so your customer knows what you are trying to say to them. For example, if I own a restaurant and want to drive lunch traffic then my message needs to be about our name, what we offer for lunch specials, location and how to connect. Simplicity is key. If you decide you want a dinner specific message, then you probably need another :30.

For a branding message there is quite a bit more that needs to be considered when developing your copy. Research on your demographic, historical data you've collected to help you determine how your customer currently connects with you, taglines and a clear emotional connection point are just a few things that need to be considered.

The length of your message can be key in connecting with your customers. It's a great way to expand upon your brand and invite people in. Don't cut yourself short or you may cut your bottom line in the end. There are ways to incorporate shorter spots into the campaign to help pricing stay efficient, but having the long form message leading the way will make a good impression.

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Author: David Distefano

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